PoppinIt Imaging (PII) Project

The PoppinIt Imaging (PII) Project is defined by its goal:  To produce a new form of art where a single image can “dimensionalize”, generating an effect where a single painting becomes a cycling multitude of different images that appear to dynamically “pop” from the surface of the original image.  This is achieved  by the use of programmable and alternative lighting systems as well as the unique formulation of certain paints.  The current phase was successfully tested and exhibited to the public on April 10th, 2013 in a select New York art gallery.  The participants found the results to be “mesmerizing”, “stunning” and “ground-breaking”. 

The development of the technology and the techniques to achieve the effect under more intimate and personal viewing conditions are ongoing, but the PII Project promises to be an exciting new display vehicle for artists, collectors and exhibitors alike. 

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