An element that is featured in much of Nic 707’s work are Kilroy-like characters, exemplified in this piece of surface art.  Nic 707 sees the original Kilroy as the seminal graffiti symbol of the 20th Century, originally popularized by U.S. troops during WW II.  “Kilroy” was a balding imp-like male caricature that peered expressively over walls and other objects and could be found wherever the U.S. military was present, usually along with the slogan “Kilroy was here.”  Nic 707 feels that Kilroy embodied a mischievous and an almost defiant, yet oddly innocuous streak.  He sees his stable of characters -- including Alien Kilroy, Cosmic Kilroy, Baby Kilroy and Martian Kilroy -- as a link to the original entity not only in spirit, but as part of the historical continuity of the grafitti art movement itself.

"Poppin It with Psychedelic Kilroy" by Nic 707

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