Early Subway Art

Nic 707’s career as an artist is inextricably linked to his Early Subway Art.  His earliest works included the name “Bar”.

The 1970’s was an exciting, yet dangerous time.  The harrowing conditions these artists worked under were often tempered by their youthful enthusiasm and a reckless sense of invulnerability.  These artists literally risked their lives to claim a spot on these traveling canvases.  The bigger the piece, the more clearly it could be seen as these trains traveled throughout the City, as they crossed bridges, traveled on elevated rails, or even as they flashed by other moving train cars.  The thrill of catching your own artwork, as well as your peers, was part of the attraction.

The eventual replacement of rundown train cars with more modern and stylish models, as well as the disdain the subway graffiti movement had garnered, effectively ended this provocative, yet for many, oddly nostalgic era.

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