InstaFame Phantom Art Collection

The InstaFame Phantom Art (IFPA) Collection consists of original artwork that has been exhibited in the interiors of “in service” trains of the New York City transit system since 2009, each designed to be compatible with the standard “Car Cards” form factor. The journey of each unique piece has been fully documented and now amounts to a formidable collection of ground-breaking art that resonates with the spontaneity and voice of early subway graffiti.

Certain original works from The IFPA Collection are being offered for sale, as well as limited edition reproductions of other pieces.  Many of the originals works will become part of an exciting venue-based exhibition project (see Projects).

Some of the IFPA Collection is called the “uncirculated works”.  These are pieces that were tests of different materials and techniques that did not appear in the NYC subway. 

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