Lois Stavsky

Lois StavskyLois Stavsky is a passionate contributor to Internet sites that explore the creative arts in NY.  Her photo-laden chronicles of urban and fine art activity make an excellent visual companion and primer for anyone exploring the City's multitude of noteworthy and eclectic cultural offerings. 

Lois has received many accolades in her roles as educator, writer and curator, including Poetry Teacher of the Year, 1988, awarded by Poets House and the NYC Board of Education. She has co-authored three books -- two of which appeared on the NY Public Library's laudatory annual list, “Books for the Teen Age”. (The Place I Call Home: Voices and Faces of Homeless Teens and Jerusalem Mosaic: Young Voices from the Holy City).  She also authored A to Z: The Book of Rap & Hip Hop Slang -- with entries that have since been recognized by dozens of dictionaries.

Lois’ insightful articles of her adventures in art can currently be found on her latest blogsite at:  http://streetartnyc.org/

Art Off Paper (Photo by Lois Stavsky)
Quad Hip Nic ( (Photo by Lois Stavsky))
Noxer (Photo by Lois Stavsky)